Sweater Weather! | How to K1USL & Zippered Crochet Seaming

Sweater Weather Knit Kit | Vickie Howell Montoya Merino

Sweater Weather! | How to K1USL & Zippered Crochet Seaming

Iiiiit’s sweater weather, so meet, well, Sweater Weather! Designed by YarnYAY!’s own Chris Bahls, this easy-to-wear pullover employs one of our favorite stitch patterns from the first year of our Block Builder Club, with Vickie’s heavy-worsted Montoya Merino.

This week on Ask Me Monday, I show how to knit under a loose strand (K1ULS) to create the cool, arrow effect, and seam using the crochet zippered technique. Both of these skills are used in the Sweater Weather pattern.


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K1 ULS [knit 1 under loose strand]:

Insert right needle under loose strand from front to back, and then into next stitch knit-wise. Knit stitch normally, then bring new stitch out from under strand.

Crochet Zipper Seaming

With WS facing and working through the back loops only of the two pieces you’re joining together, insert hook (from front-to-back) through stitch on one piece, then repeat on opposite piece, yarn over and pull loop through all looks on hook. Repeat until seam is complete.


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The Sweater Weather pullover by Chris Bahls is inclusively sized to fit chest circumferences of 30″-60″.


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