Star Stitch | @theknitshow Swatch-A-Day 3

Star Stitch | Knit a Swatch with Vickie Howell and The Knit Show!

Star Stitch Swatch

One of our favorite textural stitches that works with any weight yarn.

To be honest, this year’s Pantone Color, Ultra-violet, is not our gig. But the pops of it in this Mintalicious colorway is perfection.

YARN: Spun Right Round Big Rad Bulky 

NEEDLES: Size I.S. 11/8 mm needles (these beauties are form the Marblz interchangeable set.)

Special Stitch: Make Star (MS)
Purl 3 sts tog, leaving them on LH needle; YO, p the same 3 sts tog again; let sts drop off LH needle. (Watch Insta Story on 1/3 for demo) #tksswatchaday 


CO 17 sts.
Rows 1-2: *P1, k1; Rep from * to last st, p1.
Rows 3&5 (RS): Knit.
Row 4: P1, *MS, p1; from * to end.
Row 6: P3, MS, *p1, MS; rep from * to last 3 sts, p3.
Repeat Rows 3-6 until piece is square(ish).
Repeat Rows 1-2.

BO in patt.

Star Stitch Swatch | The Knit Show

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