Sock Yarn Heart Earrings

Ask Me Monday with Vickie Howell: How to Knit Sock Yarn Heart Earrings

Ask Me Monday: Sock Yarn Heart Earrings

This week on Ask Me Monday, we dive into our scrap bins to make adorable, Sock Yarn Heart Earrings. Wear them for Valentine’s Day, make some for your best Galentines’, or share the love, any day of the week by donning them any time you’re feeling it!

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Sock Yarn Heart Earrings


Scraps of 3 sock-weight (or fingering yarns  in different colors: A, B & C

Size US 3 needles

Stitch marker

Tapestry needle

Crochet hook (size unimportant)

Jewelry pliers

Set of earring hooks

4, small 0-rings (aka jump rings)



Approx 2″ wide x 1.5″ tall, excluding fringe



Go here.


Knit Sock Yarn Heart Earrings



With A, CO 20 sts, placing marker at center point (after 10 sts.)

Row 1: With A, k to 2 sts before marker, ssk, sl m, k2tog, k to end.

Row 2: Knit.

Rows 3-4: Rep Rows 1-2

Cut A; join B.

Rows 5-6: With B, rep Rows 1-2.

Cut B; join C.

Rows 7-8: With C, Rep Rows 1-2

Row 9: Rep Row 1.

Row 10 (WS): Ssk, BO to last 2 sts (there’ll also be 1 st on your RH needle), k2tog, BO rem sts.

NOTE: If you’re working in an Aran weight or lighter, BO leaving a long tail for seaming. For heavier weight yarns, I suggest using a separate, lighter weight yarn for seaming.


With WS facing, place two hearts together; stuff ends so they’re sandwiched inside. Using the Wool Needle and strand of yarn, seam to pieces together while also adding more yarn scraps or stuffing as necessary.

Weave in the remaining end.

Cut three, 6″ strands of yarn. Holding strands together, fold them in half. Using a crochet hook, pull loop created by fold through the bottom tip of the heart. Tie for fringe.

Attach 0-ring through the fabric of top-center of heart. Attach earring hook to o-rings.

Repeat for the second heart.


Knit heart earrings. Free pattern from Vickie Howell


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