Smells Like Screen Spirit!

Any of you who know me, have followed my blog, or noticed the undertone in my books, have likely noticed my adoration of movies–I devour and am inspired by them, often infusing what I see into my craft projects.  My passion however ever is NOTHING though (and I do mean nothing), compared to my husband Dave’s, cinematic love affair.  He’s a veritable Cliff Claven when it comes to box office stats, silver screen gossip, and the inner workings of the film world!

For that reason I’m thrilled to announce that he’s channelling that love and knowledge into a medium we can all benefit from, his new website: Smells Like Screen Spirit!
SLSS is your one stop source for all that is movie-lover goodness!  Check in daily (or on busy film news days, hourly) for the latest scoop on trailers, reviews, release dates and other behind-the-scenes tid bits.  Read. Watch.  Discuss.
Finger tap your way over to http://www.smellslikescreenspirit.com today, and bookmark it for tomorrow.  You won’t want to miss a minute of movie news!
P.S.  Didn’t watch the Superbowl last night, but want to see the trailers that debuted during commercials?  No problem!  Dave posted them all up for you to see now!