Share your FO’s on my new Flickr pools!

I’m a wee bit late getting to this, but you know what they say–“better late than, never”, right?

I just started Flickr pools for 3 of my books and one for non-book related projects.
I would love, love, love it if you’ve made anything from any of my patterns and have pictures of your FOs on Flickr (FYI–that’s the same photo site used for Ravelry), if you’d add those shots to one of these pools.  I really, really dig seeing what people do with my designs–it’s so inspiring (and makes mama proud!)
Here are the URLS:
New Knits on the Block Group
Have pics of the Greatest American Hero Cape?  Maybe the “Knight Rider” Chain Mail?  This is the pool to link photos to!
Not Another Teen Knitting Book
Whipped-up a pair of “B/F/F” wristbands?  Made the “Prepster” Sweater or the “Nerds” Vest?  Show ’em off here!
Pop Goes Crochet
Ok, this book isn’t technically out yet but, if you took advantage of the pattern preview on the CRAFT website of the “Erykah” Jacket, then there’s no time like the present to display those beauties in this photo pool!

Vickie Howell Designs
Knit the “Mae Day” dress from my website?  Crocheted the “Blue Collar”?  Eco-Crafted one of the projects from my KIWI Magazine Column?  Worked-up a goodie from my I Love to Create column?  Made something from another publication I’ve contributed to?  Show it here!  Pretty please.  *batting eyelashes*
Can’t wait to see your photos!
xo, Vickie