Shamwow-backed Bibs!

The drool my baby girl produces has reached epic proportions–so much so that regular, cloth bibs don’t do the trick at sopping up spit.  What are crafty, pop-culture enthusiast moms to do? The answer’s clear, my sweets; make super-absorbent bibs backed by the infamous Shamwow cloths!  Yesterday my friend Noelle and I grabbed a box of “As Seen on TV” shammies, some fabric scraps, a basic bib pattern (we used one from Baby Stuff) and got to sewing.  The result: marginally effective, but absolutely hilarious, moist Shambibs!

shamWOW, they’re finished!

Shamwow bib in action!

(Notice the drool on Clover’s chin, while modeling bibs with her pal, Quinn.)