Founder, Kelly James on Sewingly!

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First, a million thanks to Vickie for inviting me to guest post and share something really exciting with all of you.

Last year I was looking for a gift and wanted to buy something special for my newborn niece. Since the days of fashion school I have always loved buying homespun items from friends and my closet shows it! Having a hard time finding what I was looking for, I realized that no marketplace existed that was dedicated solely to homespun items. I decided then to create Sewingly, a website dedicated to selling work made by needle artists from around the country.

I created Sewingly for all needle artists (knitters, sewists, weavers, crocheters, etc) and specialty supply shops.  The goal is for Sewingly to be really special, not really big! 

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Tabitha Davis’ Sewingly Shop

Sewingly is very simple to use even for those who have never sold anything online before.  When you sell on Sewingly you have a beautiful page to display your goods.  You receive a full screen width cover photo for branding, a place to describe your work and link to your other websites or social media pages, and endless product listings… all for free.  When you sell something, Sewingly only takes one dollar. No complicated formulas, that’s it!

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Skirt from newbie seller, Tara Griesbach.

Knitters, sewists,weavers, and all other types of needle artists have more in common than just a love for threads and yarns.  It’s a love of the craft, the process, the community, and the creations.  These are the sentiments I tried to weave into Sewingly, one line of code at a time.  

If you’re interested in selling your work or supplies online, or just want to look around- I’m really excited to welcome you to Sewingly!  You can also get in touch with me anytime at: 

I’d be happy to hear from you! 


Kelly James
Founder, Sewingly