Sasquatch, Wishful Drinking and Procrastinated Crafting

How in the world is it already the 2nd week of January?  This is a busy month in the craft world so clearly, I should be hustling up career plans for 2009 and prepping for existing ventures.
I’ve been otherwise occupied though, by the extremely  important tasks of shopping for baby girl kimonos and embroidering Sasquatch for Fanboy (which Dave if you’re reading this, should definitely be the name of your next band), Lucky Shamrock, and Yarn Tree doodles on onsies. Priorities people.

I also apparently needed a little mental vacation from the holidays and their surrounding festivities, and spent the last week reading two comedic memoirs:  Wishful Drinking, by Carrie Fisher, and My Horizontal Life by Chelsea Handler. 

Carrie Fisher is wickedly sarcastic which of course, immediately makes her feel like a kindred spirit to me.  That, coupled with the fact that one of my fellow Austin Craft Mafiosa has been to her house, peed in her toilet and eaten a sandwich made by her–makes me feel like I practically know her.  Since I always like to support my friends, I of course bought her book.  😉  
I cackled the whole way through it.   I also really respect when someone openly admits that they’re crazy. It says something about a person (draw your own conclusions).
Not to mention that while reading it, I could periodically quote Star Wars inside scoop to my (aforementioned) fanboy husband which undoubtedly gained me a few wifey bonus points.   “Hey Dave.  Did you know that the reason that Princess Leia isn’t wearing a bra in the 1st movie, is because George Lucas told Carrie that there was no such thing as underwire in space?” *insert music swelling and Dave’s eyes twinkling while he thanks Skywalker that he’s married such an exquisite creature*

My Horizontal Life, was recommended by my best friend Tammy who, through tearful laughing fits that rendered her unable to breath, recounted a chapter in which Chelsea described having to crawl in through the window of her own house in the wee hours of the morning, wearing only a M&M costume and green tights (sans underwear).  Hijinx ensued.
This book was entertaining too, but in more of a “I’m- going-to-rock-myself-in-a-corner-with-a -bottle-of-Grey-Goose-and-hope-to-God-through-the-drunken-fog-that-I-can-remember-my-therapist’s-24-hour-hotline-number” kind of way.  You know, a feel good read.  But I digress.
So here it is time to stop procrastinating.  I have a magazine project due in *cough* two days, transcription for my next book to get started on, samples & a presentation (for a non-knitting related pitch) to put together and, cheap plastic bracelets to hunt down for the “Bangles & Beer Cozies” make & take (people sit and make something, then take the item with them) table Drew Emborsky and I are doing at our publisher’s booth at CHA (a craft industry convention in Anaheim, CA) this month.  I’m wondering which, if any, of these tasks will require me getting out of my bathrobe.  Anyway…
Lest the people who I “work” for think that I’ve completely drifted off into slacker mode, I have photographic proof of my multi-tasking.  Here I am simultaneously editing Craft Corps profiles and hopefully, also creating a mini-music lover.  Oh, and lest (I’m going to start using that word more often–it sounds distinguished, like it should be spoken while wearing an ascot) the rest of you think that I have any sense of vanity left since my show was cancelled, the product-less, pitiful hair and exposed pregnancy panel in this shot should rid you of any worries.

Note:  That’s a marker, NOT A CIGARETTE in my hand.  Thank you.
And with that, I bid you adieu.