Roots, Resorts and Rockage.

Heya, strangers! Sorry for the big ol’ gap in posts, I’ve been battling a bit of bronchitis over the past few days and before that, I spent a couple of nights at the Lake Austin Spa and Resort. Next month I’ll be teaching a couple of knitting workshops there so as payment, they let me stay and enjoy the facilities. If you ever happen to be in Austin and have several extra bucks to spare, I’d highly recommend checking this place out. It’s serene, beautiful, and offers a ton of great classes and ways to relax. The days that we went happend to have fallen during “Culinary Week” so we took a vegetarian sushi class. Now, I never thought these words would pass through my fingertips but, cooking can be so much fun! We brought wine and learned how to work with rice wrappers and make the best spring rolls I’ve ever eaten. It was good times.
Here’s a picture with our instuctor, who’s name I’m totally spacing. Even though my new camera has failed and made her look somewhat poltergeistish, she’s actually a lovely woman…

..And this one below is of me chopping up ingrediants for the spring rolls. I’m showing it to you not because it’s at all that interesting of a shot but because the occasion is so rare that I step into the kitchen to do more than assemble food, that I thought the moment deserved to be noted for posterity.

Ok, well that’s all I have to say about that. I’ll give you more info on the workshops as it’s up and available on their website.

Under the category of suckage, last week I got a call from one of the editors at Budget Living telling me that the magazine is folding. They had been up for sale for 60 days, weren’t able to find a buyer and are now closing their doors. Selfishly, I’m really bummed. Not only because it was one of my favorite magazines but also, because I had two more projects set to be featured with them, had joined their advisory board and was *this* close to getting a regular crafty column with them. What’s a real drag though, is that there are some really talented people that work at the mag and now they have to look for new jobs. I’m sure they’ll have no trouble finding them, but it still blows. Angela Matusik especially, the new editor-in-chief was doing some really amazing things with the overall look–it’ll be interesting to see where she’ll take her career next.

Under the category of R-O-C-K-age, I got an e-mail from the Knitty Gritty executive producer checking my availability for this summer to possibly go back into studio. This doesn’t mean anything for sure…but it’s possible that our little grassroots campaign is working. Power to the people! Keep your fists high and fingers crossed.

Alright, I’ve gotta head out for a parent/teacher conference. Knit strong! 😉