Rainy days and Fridays.

It’s a rainy morning here in Austin. I was on the way to a 9am Ashtonga class (motivated by how friggin’ fantastic Madonna looks at 47, largely thanks to yoga), but turned around at the last minute, deciding that since I’m still having a little pain in my shoulder from Wedesday’s class I should probably give my body a break ( I think I may’ve pulled something while attempting this back bend with my legs bound together with a strap–I still haven’t learned how to evenly disperse my weight–and now I’m babbling and need to stop…) Anywhoodles, my guilt was asuaged by the fact that if I had gone to class I would’ve missed an important, impromptu conference call with the Knit.1 art director and editor. I think we’ve figured out a solution to the problem of not being able to get me and the next interviewee’s schedules to sync up for photography purposes. This is good news for me because it means I won’t have to jump on a plane next week. Hooray!

In unrelated news, how cute is this? This site tells you what your Japanese name would be. Although I highly doubt its authenticity, who can resist the kitsch factor?!

Your Japanese Name Is…

Hisa Aburakoji

And speaking of Harajuku girls, did you seen Gwen Stefani at the Grammy’s? Lord, she’s one adorable pregnant woman! Seriously, she looked so gorgeous in her leopard, empire waist tank/tunic and red lipstick it almost made me sad (for like 1 second) that I probably will never do the whole giving birth thing again. Hey, Gwen, holla! 😉

On the crafty front, I’ve recieved a ton of great submissions for Catwalk Crochet and am slowly plowing through them. If you submitted, please give me a a week or two to figure out what’s going to work with the overall aesthetic of the book. I think that I have the color palettes worked out for each season, so the next step is to start plugging in designs that’ll work within each color theme. I’m really excited about this project and appreciate your patience and willingness to possibly be involved!

I made a wee capelet for my little friend Heide. It looks so beautiful on her that I’m thinking about using a similar variation of it in the book! Check it:

Hey, before I go, can I bug you about something? Thanks. Theoretically, if I were to be coming out with a line of my own products, what is it that you’d most like to see offered? It doesn’t just have to be knitting related–think anything from yarn to wall paper. I’ve got a couple of things in the works, but since you all have sorta become my test group/advisory board, I’d really love to hear your thoughts.

Ok, I have another conference call to jump onto. More later!

xx, Vic