Quick V-Day Projects, Past & Present

Happy Friday, everyone!  With less than 24 hours until Love Day, I thought I’d dig up a few pics of Valentine’s projects past and present.  Everything you see below can be made in less than 1 day, so if you’ve got a few free hours and a crafty spirit you’ll have no problem getting at least one of these puppies made!  Click on each link for necessary how-to info.

  • Rhinestone Wristbands:  Treat yourself to a little V-Day spah’kle, by adding vintage buttons or brooches to simple, garter stitch wristies.
  • Heart Tie:  The pattern for this tie is in me and Adrienne’s upcoming book, AwareKnits (Fall ’09).  It takes a little more time to make anyway, but you can add a wee mitred heart (see above) to any, pre-made (knit or sewn) tie for a jiffy gift for your guy!
  • Hugs & Kisses Booties:  Show your baby’s feet a little love with these XO booties!
  • B/F/F Bands:  Best friends need Valentine’s too!  Whip these up using the pattern found in Not Another Teen Knitting Book.

Lastly, if you’re looking something for that little lady in your life, whip up a pair of felt slippers using Simplicity pattern #2867.  Then, make them your own by decorating them your way!  I made punch-embroidered heart appliques and hand-sewed them on the toes, using the blanket stitch.
Have a great Valentine’s weekend!
xo, Vickie