Pucker-up Pillowcases for Tuesday Morning

Pucker-Up Pillowcases. Tutorial by Vickie Howell for Tuesday Morning

Pucker-up Pillowcases

When you’ve been with your sweetheart for a long time, sometimes romantic gestures aren’t just the obvious ones. I mean, of course flowers, bubbly and grand declarations of love are nice — we all need those every once in a while. And yet, it’s those thoughtful nods to everyday needs that can often be the sweetest. Your favorite coffee when you thought you were going to have to go caffeine-less; wool socks for perpetually cold feet; the perfect pillow for a much-needed night’s sleep. Just knowing what little things make your mate’s life happier is its own type of intimacy. It’s the spirit of those gestures that inspires this Valentine’s Day project, perfect for longtime loves.

Pucker-up Pillowcases for Tuesday Morning

On the average day, splurging on fluffy pillows and luxurious, bamboo-rayon pillowcases isn’t always a top-priority. On V-day however, and thanks to Tuesday Morning’s prices, you can treat your sweetie to such dreamy delights right now!

Make them!

To read more, head on over to the Tuesday Morning blog for a step-by-step DIY tutorial, along with a supply list of all the TM goodies needed for this project.

Sending crafty heart-eyes your way!