PROJECT: Mario Mushroom Wrist Warmers!

This holiday season whip up a cozy little gift, for the game boy (or girl) in your life.  They’re quick, they’re cute and the pattern’s adjustable!  xo, Vickie

What you need:

Worsted Weight Wool (amount varies based on size, but 100yds/110m usually does the trick!) in color: White
Scraps of Worsted Weight Wool in colors: Red & Black
Size US 6(4mm) DPNS
Tapestry Needle
Adjustable (see “What to do”)
20sts x 28 rows=4″ (10cm) in St st.
What to do:
Measure around the circumference of the future wearer’s palm, excluding the thumb .  If said wearer is unavailable for measuring, you can go by the measurements I usually work off of when making wrist warmers: Smaller Kid= 6″; Larger Kid= 7″; Woman= 8″; Man=9″. 
Because these are meant to fit snuggly, subtract 1″ from the palm measurement.  This will give you number “X”.  For example: Child’s palm measures 6″-1″=5″.  “X” =5
To figure out how many sts to cast-on, multiply “X” by 5 (number of sts per inch).  Once you have that number, round it up to the nearest multiple of 4 (to give you a workable number for K2,P2 ribbing in the round).  For example: 5″ x 5 sts per inch= 25.  Nearest (rounded up) multiple of 4= 28. CO amount= 28 sts.   
There you go!  Ready to start?  Well, ok then.
CO “X” sts.  Distribute sts evenly on dpns.  Join rnd, taking care not to twist.
Work in K2, P2 rib for desired length of cuff (I recommend about 2 1/2″ for Smaller Kids; 3″ for Larger Kids; 4″ for Adults).
Beginning Main:
Next Rnd: Begin working in St st (knitting every rnd.)
Continue in St st until ready for thumb hole (I recommend 1″ for Smaller Kids; 2″ for Larger Kids; 2 1/2″-3″ for Adults).
Thumb Opening: ( This section WILL BE KNIT STRAIGHT, not in the round.)
Next row (RS): Knit all sts.  Once you’ve knit the last st on the last needle, flip piece over. 
Next row (WS): Purl. Once you’ve purled the last st on the last needle, flip piece over.
Repeat last 2 rows, 4-6 more times (depending on size you’re making).
End Main: (Return to working in the round)
Next rnd: Knit, rejoining the piece (this will close the thumb-opening top).
Repeat last rnd 1-4 more times (or until piece is 1/2″ shorter than desired length)
Return to K2, P2 rib for 3 rows.   BO in rib st.
Using scraps, tapestry needle & Duplicate Stitch, follow the chart to embroider mushroom on the front of each wrist warmer.

Duplicate Stitch Chart
(Need a duplicate stitch refresher course?  See pg. 83 of my book, Knit Aid.)

Weave in ends.  Block if necessary.  Enjoy!

This pattern is meant for non-commercial use only.  Copyright Vickie Howell, Inc 2008.  All rights reserved.