Pop Goes Crochet Cover!

I got the lasers this week (well, they’re actually a pdf, but whatever) of the little-book-that-could, Pop Goes Crochet.  I’m so excited that after 3 years of delays (partially my fault, I wrote Knit Aid instead of pushing this one through), a change in editors, new publishing house (an imprint of my former one) and a complete change of theme (formerly, Catwalk Crochet), that this project is FINALLY nearing publication.   In other happy news (well, for me anyway), we have a final cover and Lark Books is letting me show you!  Here it is…

I pretty much *heart* it, and here’s why:
  •  They incorporated my current obsession with block printing in it
  •  There’s not the usual GINORMOUS picture of me in the middle of this one
  •  The art department gave me a little eye job. 😉
The random 50’s evening gown I’m wearing actually belongs to Suzie Millions (author of The Complete Book of Retro Crafts) who so amazingly came to our photo-shoot-wardrobe rescue, by lending us loads of retro goodies.  I couldn’t resist playing dress-up (not to mention I hadn’t actually known I was going to be in front of the camera that day, and therefore hadn’t packed for it), so we went with it.  If I could’ve gotten it to zip-up, I probably would’ve never taken it off!  Oh, how I loves me the vintage dresses.
Hope you like the cover, too.  Can’t wait to show you the rest of the book!
Alright, back to business.
Have a great night!
xo, Vickie
P.S.  Just popped over to Amazon, and it looks like it’s already available for pre-sale.  Woo Hoo!