Pop Color Trend: Turquoise

Turquoise is hot right now. From nail polish and pillows to hats and haute couture, we’re seeing shades of beautiful blue-green everywhere. I personally consider turquoise ,”my signature color” (said with a Southern accent a la Steel Magnolias) so there’s no end to the glee I feel on a daily basis as I come across a plethora of aqua items! Here are just a few, dreamy things I’ve spotted on the inter-webs, plus FIFTEEN on-trend projects that you can make yourself! 

15 On-Trend Turquoise Projects 

1. Tuxita Baby Tunic (shown above)

10. Doris Scarflet 

11. Turquoise Tunic, by Rebecca Design Team

12. Fancy Mae, by Jesska Hoff

13. Terrific Turquoise Baby Shoes, by Katy Farrell

14. Turquoise Top, by Anna Kuduja

15. Peacock Shawlette, by Kitman Figueroa

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