Dave officially departed his youth-y 20’s over the weekend heading bravely, into 30’s adultland. To commemorate such a momentous occasion, I felt paying homage to one of the formative TV shows in this lad’s life, was the way to go.   Dave is a HUGE David Lynch/Twin Peaks fan–strongly feeling that the entire series must be watched at least once a year if for no other reason, than to enforce good character and renew a love for cherry pie and coffee.

Some of you may remember me gushing via blog post over my beloved, red-headed geisha painting a couple of years ago–or else, perhaps noticed it as the backdrop of the 4th of July CRAFTED webisode I hosted for Lifetime.  It was painted by my friend, the amazing Ian Shults
I went to him again for this project, hoping that he could work some more of that eclectic, arty magic for me.  He did not disappoint.  Also a fan of the show, Ian came up with the perfect mix of characters and symbolism, encompassing the depths of Twin Peaks’ awesomeness.  Here’s Dave’s finished b-day painting.  

If you’re unfamiliar with the show, it probably looks like an odd assortment of people and things but trust me, every little detail means something. 

Next time you’re looking for a unique, show-stopping gift, support an artist and commission a painting from Ian. Choose from one of his existing originals, or have him whip up something unforgettable for your special someone.  I promise, seeing your loved one’s reaction upon receiving one of these beauties, makes every penny worth it!

xo, Vickie