Oval Knitting Loom: Make a Wine Sleeve!

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Oval Knitting Loom Wine Sleeve

As the holidays are upon us, I’ve been thinking a lot about host gifts, as well as creative ways to wrap them. For this week’s project I combined a few things I love: yummy wine, a cool tool (the Clover Oval Knitting Loom), and luscious yarn (my Woolpaca Chunky proved to work like a dream on the loom). The result: a wine sleeve that makes for a be-cozied bottle of good cheer to bring to your favorite festive occasion.


Clover Standing Oval Knitting Loom

1 ball each Vickie Howell for Deramores Woolpaca Chunky (80% Merino Wool/20% Alpaca/120 yds) in colors: (A) Goldengate, and (B) Creampuff

Clover Jumbo Tapestry Needle

Velveteen Ribbon


With A, cast-on yarn to all pegs.

Round 1: With A, *K1, p1; repeat from * around.

Round 2: *P1, k1; repeat from * around.

Seed Stitch Pattern established.

Join B.

Round 3: With B, **K1, p1; repeat from * around.

Round 4: *P1, k1; repeat from * around.

oval knitting loom wine sleeve in progress

Carrying unused color of yarn along the inside of piece as you go, repeat Rounds 1-4 until piece measures 9″/23 cm, or as long as your wine bottle measures to the curving point.

Tip: To check the length as you knit, periodically slip the wine bottle in through the bottom of the piece.

Oval Knitting Loom Wine Sleeve Measure


Cut B.

Eyelet Round: With A, * K2tog (place loop from 2nd peg onto 1st peg — it will be tight; e-wrap around peg; slip both stitches over e-wrap and let drop off of peg), YO (lay yarn over empty peg); rep from * around.


oval knitting loom wine sleeve YO


Next Round: Knit.

Work 18 rounds in established, Seed Stitch Pattern.

Cast off using Sewn Cast-Off method.


Weave in ends. Weave ribbon through eyelets.


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