Oh. My. Geish-a!

I’ve had a party in its honor, required the guests to toast it with their sake, and kissed the artist on the mouth (in the same thankful manner that one might have, had he been the doctor who’d delivered a first born.) I’ve basked beneath its glory, carted digital pictures of it to parties, and told its story so many times (to whomever would listen) that a certain gentleman caller has taken to (not so subtly) rolling his eyes at mere mention of its existence. So ladies and gent (are there even any gents out there?), it is now time for me to present to you, my new red-headed, green-eyed, Geisha painting! *pausing for applause*

I told the artist, Ian Schultze (see below with his wife/my friend Rachelle)that I wanted the Geisha to look a certain way, that I wanted random street signs incorporated in some way, and that I wanted the painting to personify 1960’s Asian kitsch. He totally got what I was going for and although I know my taste is rather quirky, I hope you all can appreciate its awesomeness as much as I do. 🙂

Ok, I’m off to sit near my new lady friend and watch the tail end of the Oscars.