New Projects in Crochet Today!

Not to give you anxiety but, it’s officially holiday gift-making season!  Never fear though, Crochet Today! Magazine’s latest issue offers 24 gift ideas that are as cute as they are quick to crochet.  For this edition, Brett (editor) asked if I’d make a little girl’s dress and a retro redux of a vintage headband.  I happily agreed!  
Snuggly Tot’s Dress

I’m not really sure why this one wasn’t modeled on a child but I swear, it looks adorable on! It’s made with ultra thick, “Zoomy” yarn which makes it a perfect dress for winter (especially, when paired with opaque tights and a long-sleeved shirt.)  Oh and bonus, this is definitely a weekender project–making it easy to whip up a few for the little ladies in your life!

Ear Warmer

Inspired from a headband picture from the 1950’s, I changed-up the ties and added some graphic embroidery for a more modern feel–I *heart* lollipop trees!  I also love CT’s, Vintage Crochet section. 🙂
Alright, two weeks and counting until Stitch Hugger‘s due (*gulp*, we’re still making the projects)–so back to work.  As always though, I’ll be updating on Twitter.  As Dave Lowe says, it’s like internet crack; impossible to stay away from. 😉
Happy Friday!,