New Project: In Circles Tote


Vickie Tote

In Circles Tote by Vickie Howell. Black & White wallet by Kailo Chic.

Summer prep has me running in circles which perhaps, is why I’ve been drawn to knitting them so much lately. Thanks to Clover’s new Knitting & Crochet Jumbo Wonder Clips, now there’s an easy way to hold them in place while piecing these curvy cuties together. This week’s project plays with this handy tool –along with a few other of my Clover favorites — to create a great tote for the well-rounded gal. Enjoy! xx, Vickie


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Bernat Cotton-ish by Vickie Howell (55% cotton /45 % Acrylic; 282 yds/252 m), in colors: (A) 2 Balls Cotton Ball, and (B) 1 ball Cotton Club.
Size U.S. 9 (5.5 mm) Clover Takumi Knitting Needles
CloverJumbo Tapestry Needle
Set, Clover Knitting & Crochet Jumbo Clips
1/2 yd. canvas fabric
Sewing needle & thread
Set of leather handles (with punched holes for sewing)
Sharp, Large-eyed Needle
Sewing machine (optional)

Finished Measurements
Approx 14″x 13″h/ 35 cm x 33 cm, excluding handles

14 sts x 8 rows = 4″/10 cm in Garter Stitch

NOTE: This project is worked with a TRIPLE strand of yarn throughout. Wind each color of yarn into three separate balls ahead of time.

Circle Motifs (Make 12):
With a TRIPLE STRAND of A, CO 8 sts.

*Short row 1 (RS): K7, sl 1, bring yarn to front, return sl st to LH needle, turn (sl st is wrapped), k to end on WS.

Short row 2 (RS): K5, sl 1, bring yarn to front, return sl st to LH needle, turn, k to end on WS.

Short row 3 (RS: K3, sl 1, bring yarn to front, return sl st to LH needle, turn, k to end on WS.

Short row 4: (RS) K1, sl 1, bring yarn to front, return sl st to LH needle, turn, k to end on WS.**

Repeat from * 5 times more. Cut A, join B.

Repeat from * 6 times more.

BO, leaving tail for seaming.

Using tapestry needle, seam together CO and BO edges to complete circle.

Watch my short-row circle demo from this week’s, Ask Me Monday video!


Semi-circle Motifs (make 12):

Work as for Circle Motifs from * to **.

Next row (RS): Knit 8 sts (1st half of top of semi-circle), pick up 8 sts across 2nd half of semi-circle.

Next row: Knit.


Weave in ends on all motifs.

Using main photo as guide, lay out 6 circles sandwiched by 6 (total) semi-circles out for FRONT of tote. Using ONE strand of yarn, tapestry needle & Jumbo Wonder Clips to hold in place, seam motifs together.

Repeat for BACK piece.



Once you have FRONT & BACK pieces assembled, use Jumbo Wonder Clips to hold them together (with wrong sides facing). Seam together sides, and rounded sections of the bottom motifs.



Make lining:
Cut canvas to measurements of finished tote, adding seam allowance for sides and bottom, and hem allowance for top.
Pro tip: Painter’s drop cloths work great for tote bag lining. Bonus: they’re already hemmed!

With wrong sides facing, hem top; sew sides and bottom seams.

Turn right-sides out; press. Insert lining into bag; hand-tack to top, side seams of bag and along top motifs.

Using ONE strand of yarn and Sharp Tapestry Needle, sew handles to tote and lining.


Vickie Tote-2

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