New Pattern: Newbie Beanie


My husband, Dave holding our new, beanie wearing nephew. I mean, c’mon; look at that face!

In our family, a new baby means new knits! A few months ago my brother and sister-in-law became parents to their second son. Since we leave 1,300 miles a part from each other, I don’t get to snuggle my nephews nearly enough so, in lieu of human hugs from me, I try to send handmade ones! This beanie is the first of many to come for our little, R — it’s a soft, light-weight beanie designed in modern, neutral + bold colors and with a simple, graphic pattern that’s perfect for a cool,  SoCal baby’s trips to the breezy beach. Knit one up for your own little guy or gal today!

Newbie Beanie
Baby’s first hat

Bernat Cotton-ish by Vickie Howell, in colors: 1 ball Coffee Filter (MC), 1 ball Seersucker (CC)
Size US 5 (3.75 mm) dpns
Tapestry Needle


Finished Size
Fits up to 14”/ 35.5cm Circumference

21 sts x 27 rnds = 4”/10 cm in St

With MC, CO 72. Divide sts evenly over needles; join round, taking care not to twist.
1st Rnd: Knit.
Join CC.

2nd Rnd: With CC, knit.

3rd-8th Rnds: Repeat 1st-2nd Rnds.

9th Rnd: With MC, knit.

10th-18th Rnds: Work chart Rnds 1-9.

newbie graph


Rnds 19-27: Continue as previously established, working 1 x 1 stripes, ending with CC.

With MC, knit all rnds until piece measures 5”/12.5cm from beg edge.


For a more feminine palette, try Cotton-ish colors: Grey T-shirt and Cotton Candy


Crown decreases:
1 st Rnd: *K 4, k2tog; rep around. 60 sts
2nd, 4th, 6th & 8th, Rnds: Knit.
3rd Rnd: *K 3, k2tog; rep around. 48 sts
5th Rnd: *K2, k2tog; rep around. 36 sts
7th Rnd: *K1, k2tog; rep around. 24 sts.
9th-10th Rnds: *K2tog; rep around.6 sts at end of Rnd 10.

Cut yarn, leaving a 6”/15cm tail. With tapestry needle, feed tail through live sts on needles; cinch closed.

Weave in ends. Block.