My New Shop is Open for Business!

Happy Friday, everyone! You may have read my Tweets and posts about working on my new online shop over the past couple of weeks–well, I’m proud to announce that it is now officially open for business!

I’ve teamed up with Open Sky, this great new company that connects shoppers with experts (in pretty much every genre imaginable) to offer up the scoop on what products we really use to do the jobs we’re all so passionate about. Want to know which mulch rake rocks? Try Jean & Ann’s Good Enough Gardening shop! Need a tuner for your new Fender Jaguar bass, but not sure which one to get? Justin Sandercoe can help! Looking for the perfect, eco-chic bag to compliment your wardrobe? She Sez’s Linda Grasso’s got you covered! You get the idea.
I of course, will be there for your knitting, crochet, sewing and crafting needs. Right now there are about a dozen products in my shop (including some of my own books), but my goal is for it to soon be bursting at its virtual seams with loads of must-have basics, the coolest mainstream craft supplies and my favorite stuff from the many brilliant, indie designers out there! I’m in the process of searching out said crafty goodness so if there’s something you’d like me to check out, please just post ’em in the comments section here.
In the meantime, please have a look at the great stuff I’ve chosen so far as well as the related blog posts, videos and photos that I’ve compiled for some of my shop’s products (I’m working on doing it for all). For you knitter’s out there, you’ve got to check out The Knit Kit, one of the handiest little tools I’ve ever seen. Embroiderers, make sure to nab Jenny Hart’s Bib Kit–it’s so freakin’ cute! Oh, and every stitcher needs to have the Clover tapestry needles with the curved tip–I couldn’t craft without them!
As a special grand opening gift to you, I’m offering 10% off of any product in ANY Open Sky shop (not just mine), for this weekend only! Just use the code Vickie1009 at checkout, BEFORE MIDNIGHT on Sunday. Wait, did I mention that there’s also free shipping?