My interview with one-time knitter, Will Forte.

Back in 2005 my then new friend, actor/write/comedian Will Forte (SNL, Mac Gruber) did me a huge favor. I had just landed this Celebrity Knitters column in the now defunct magazine, Knit.1 (brought to you by the same publisher as Knit Simple, Vogue Knitting, etc.) The concept was that I’d interview famous types who also happened to be knitters or crocheters. Next to stitching, interviewing people is pretty much my favorite thing to do professionally, so I was really excited about the column. The only thing was, I didn’t have anyone to interview for the first article which was scheduled to be in the Man-themed Issue.  I asked Will if he’d be willing to learn and we’d chronicle the process in the article, and being the stand-up guy he is he generously agreed.

My husband is the founder of the movie news and reviews site, SmellsLikeScreenSpirit.com. Rarely do our work paths cross, but when they do it’s so much fun! He booked a press junket spot promoting Will’s new film, Nebraska, then asked if I wanted to be the one to interview him. Heck yeah!

Click on the video above for my lengthy conversation with the actor about dramatic roles, careers, and crazy families.