Movie Mondays: Frankenweenie

Welcome to the first BERNAT edition of Movie Mondays! Those of you who have followed me from place to place over the past few years are familiar with this feature. I started it on this blog as an ode to two of my favorite things: knitwear and movies. The demands of launching a yarn line had placed Movie Mondays on the back burner for a while. Now though, beginning bi-monthly on this week before Halloween, they’re baaaaack!

I saw this week’s selection, Frankenweenie with the family over the weekend. Director Tim Burton can do no wrong as far as my household’s concerned. The fact that knit and crochet pieces had a place in this film, made me an even bigger fan of his work. Here are a few studio stills from the movie:

Edgar in Reverse Stockinette, striped tunic.
Disney Enterprises

Sparky sitting on Granny Square blanket.
Disney Enterprises

The Mayor, wearing a Faire Isle vest.
Disney Enterprises

Recommended Stitching 
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Looped Corners Granny Square Blanket 
Hug Me Pullover 
Striped V-Neck Poncho

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Happy viewing; happy stitching!