Movie Monday (TV Edition ): Hung, True Blood & Nurse Jackie

This week I’m pushing “pause” on fiber-filled flicks, in favor of scoping the small screen scene. Much to my delight, three of the TV shows on our after-the-kids-go-to-sleep dvr schedule have recently included prominent bits of yarn-y goodness.  Now, see here!
   Tanya (Jane Adams) on HBO’s new hit Hung, often knits while she pimps. 
 I like that in a lady.

After a rough 3 weeks in a vamp cellar, True Blood’s LaFayette (Nelsan Ellis) finds comfort in a retro-chic, granny square blanket. (Trust me, he’s under there.)

Our favorite pill-popper is also a scarf-wearer.  Check out title character Nurse Jackie (Edie Falco) donning a vintage-inspired, crocheted scarf.  Addicted to pain meds?  Nah, hooked on crochet! 😉

Recommended Crocheting
Happy viewing; happy stitching!
xo, Vickie
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All images are screen shots taken by Vickie Howell.