Movie Monday: New Year’s Eve

It’s New Year’s Eve and I don’t know about you, but the fam and I plan on spending the evening curled up in front of a movie. In fact, some of us have already started. Appropriately, 2011’s New Year’s Eve played this morning on HBO. My eldest son joined me on the couch to watch it, and patiently waited each time I paused the show to take screen shots of the yarnwear with my iPhone. Here’s a little, end-of-the-year knitspiration for you!

Katherine Heigl as “Laura”, wearing nubby knit scarf.

Bonus: Get the look of this scarf by casting-on 22 sts of Baby Pompom yarn in color, Cream Puff onto size US 10 1/2 / 6.5 mm needles. Knit every row until scarf is desired length. Cast off.

Michelle Pfeiffer as “Ingrid”, wearing textured stitch scarf.


Belly of Jessical Biel as “Tess”, wearing lacy cardigan.

Recommended stitching: 
Happy viewing; happy stitching; HAPPY NEW YEAR!