Movie Monday: Grey Gardens

HBO’s Grey Gardens chronicles the lives of eccentric mother & daughter Edies (Big & Little), as they lose both their wealth and their grasp on reality while living in mansion squalor. Characters are a train wreck and the acting’s divine but the question begs, which one of the Beale women knit or crochet?

Jessica Lang as her Emmy Award winning portrayal of Edith, 
wearing a crocheted shawl.

Drew Barrymore as “Little Edie”, wearing an intarsia sweater vest.

Amongst the wreckage, a Feather & Fan Afghan.

Close-up of Afghan.

Edie sitting on a Chevron Stitch, crocheted blanket.

Recommended Stitching:
Barbara Stole (Vintage, posted by Shala Beads)

Happy viewing; happy stitching!


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