Introducing: Montoya Merino Light!

Ask Me Monday: Introducing Montoya Merino Light, the latest Vickie Howell yarn!

Montoya Merino Light

I am so excited to FINALLY be able to share the 2nd yarn in the Montoya Merino Line! Montoya Merino Light is a sport-weight superwash merino that has a soft hand and drapes like a dream. It comes in 12, super-saturated shades, with names giving a nod to the southwestern heritage of my paternal family, and is perfect for warmer weather garments and accessories. 


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This week on Ask Me Monday (click above to watch), I showed each color, and some gorgeous projects to make with them. Watch the episode above, peruse the palette below, then head over to to shop!


Montoya Merino Light Color Palette


Vickie Howell Montoya Merino Light Shade Card2


Make Me!

Montoya Merino Knit & Crochet Patterns

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