Misty Water Colored

I don’t know if you remember me mentioning a couple of months back how I had reconnected (via MySpace)with my teenagehood best guy friend, Karl. He was in business in Vegas while I was there for the CHA convention, so he came to see me at the party that my publisher threw for a few of us knitting authors. We hadn’t seen each other in 9 years but as it often goes with old friends, it was like a day hadn’t passed. This is a shot from that night.

Why am I showing you this you ask? No reason really, except that I came across a few pictures of us from high school so I thought I’d share one of them. This one was taken in ’91 when Karl graduated (a year ahead of me) from West High School, in Torrance, California. I think I’m 17 there and yes, that is a perm I have and I really did wear my bangs that way.

In that same box of pictures I found a couple of other unrelated shots that made me smile. People often ask me where my craftiness came from and I always say that I owe that gene to my mom. This picture confirms that fact. My mom used to make a lot of my clothes and more often than not, she’d make matching versions for my dolls. This picture was taken in our front yard in Broomfield, Colorado in the late 70’s. Seriously, how cute is my mom?!

Lastly, and I hope this dispells any doubt there might’ve been about me having a sense of humor about myself, is a picture of me (far right), Sacha (who remains one of my best friends) and the Walters sisters. Why am I wearing spandex, a scarf bow and prom gloves you ask? My, you’re fullof questions today. Because, dearies, we were on our way to Madonna’s Blonde Ambition concert. Duh! Hey, you gotta give me credit for choosing a look and then comitting to it, right? I think I was around 15ish then, so I’m quite sure that the insanity caused by teenage hormones had somthing to do with this particular ensemble. I have these fantasies that I’m going to meet Maddy some day and make her laugh by giving her things like this picture and the audio tape that I still have of me and Sacha singing our little 11-year-old hearts out to her song, “I Know It”. Well, she may not think it’s funny but damn, it would entertain the hell outta me.

Now, back to your regularly scheduled programming.