Looking for non-U.S. Crafty Superstars!

Hey there, everyone.  I’m finalizing my interview list of influential/professional crafters to include in chapters on in Craft Corps (these are different from the hobbiest profiles that I already have hundreds of great entries from around the world for) and have realized that I have a serious lack of non-Americans. 

I really want this book to representative of what/who inspires people worldwide and although I know there’s a ton of crossover thanks to the internet, I’d still like to include a few artists/designers from other countries.  So, I’m calling out to the blogosphere, for a little direction.
Outside of the U.S., who are your favorite, well-known crafters?  If there’s an Australian craft show host, an Irish author, a Dutch fabric designer, a Candian sculptor, a British scrapbooker (you get the idea)–I want to know about them!  Other than being influential on a broader scale the only other qualification I ask for, is that they speak English.  Unfortunately, since these are “conversations with” style interviews, I need to be able to well, communicate with the featured subjects.  I feel like a stupid American admitting that I only speak one language but, it is what it is.
I really appreciate your suggestions.   Thanks to you, this book will truly be a project for the community, by the community!
xo, Vickie