Local Yarn Shop Day 2023

Local Yarn Store Day (LYS Day) is designed to drive traffic to local yarn stores. LYS Day has brought thousands of ‘yarnies’ from across the US and Canada to go to their local shops to see the exclusive, unique products created specifically for LYS Day. Think of it as an international Yarn Crawl! Team YarnYAY! wants you to go out and support your local yarn community, so we’ve made a list of our favorite LYS near and dear to us.

Team Yay’s Favorite Local Yarn Stores:


“I’ve traveled to yarn stores all around the nation, and my favorite is still my hometown shop in Austin, Hill Country Weavers. I also, though, love Nina ChicagoKnitty City in NYC, The Little Knittery in Los Angeles, and Jimmy Beans Wool in Reno!”


Yarn Untangled

(Design Manager/Tech Editor):
“I really can’t pick just one, it’s like picking a favorite child! Check out Yarns Untangled, The Knit Cafe, and I even used to work at Romni Wools.
Gauge Yarns
Becky (Maker of Things):
“While I don’t travel to the north side of Austin as much as I should, I will always pop into Gauge when I do! Their displays are inspiring and modern, and I end up leaving with so many goodies.”
Tempe Yarn & Fiber

(Ops Manager/Design):
“I love finding an unexpected gem of a LYS. Now you can be surprised by Tempe Yarn & Fiber in AZ, and Heritage Spinning & Weaving in MI!”
The Royal Bee
Afifa (Designer in Residence):
 “These are my local faves! The Royal Bee Yarn Company in Pacifica and The Black Squirrel in Berkeley”