IKEA Hack: Linen Broomstick Lace Embellished Pillow

Linen Broomstick Lace

As I’m settling into our beautiful new YarnYAY! studio space, I’m working on adding little handmade details to make otherwise store-bought home decor pieces feel like my vibe. This week on Ask Me Monday, I show you one of those pieces and IKEA pillow hack of sorts. Using beautiful, crisp linen yarn, and an old-school technique, I create a Broomstick Lace panel to add texture and dimension to a velveteen pillow. Watch the tutorial, then make it your own.

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IKEA. HACK: Sanela Pillow with Linen. Broomstick Lace, by Vickie Howell

Broomstick Lace Embellished Pillow


Flax & Twine Daytime Linen (100% Egyptian linen; 130 yds) —yardage will vary; I used 1 1/2 hanks for my oversized pillow.

Size G/4 mm Knitter’s Pride Ginger Hook

1 Size 30 mm Jumbo Birch Needle

Sharp Tapestry Needle

Sewing Pins or Clips

Pop Color Pillow,  in your desired size. — I used the 26″ version of this one.


Not important for this project. See the instructions below.


Ch a multiple of 5, that measures the width of the front of your pillow. For my pillow, I chained  85.

Row 1: Place loop from hook onto knitting needle; *using hook pull loop up from the next ch and place onto knitting needle; repeat from * to end. Turn.

Row 2:  *Holding knitting needle in the left hand, slip 5 loops from needle to crochet hook; [YO, pull through loops, YO pull through rem loop to close], 5 sc in center of hole just created; repeat from * to end. Turn.

Rep Rows 1-2, until piece measures approximately 2/3 of the height of your pillow. For my pillow, it was twelve times more.

Fasten off leaving a very long tail for seaming.

Linen Broomstick Lace


Using sewing pins or clips, center the piece, and secure it at both sides.

Sewing Broomstick lace to fabric

Using the tail, a sharp tapestry needle, and either the blanket stitch or whip stitch, sew piece to the side seams of pillow.

Tie. Off. Weave in ends.

Linen Broomstick Lace Pillow: IKEA Hack


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