Lady Liberty

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In unrelated news, as some of you who follow me on Twitter or Facebook know, I had been working on a crocheted 4th of July dress for my wee girl.  My boys were with their dad this holiday, so they escaped my crafty costuming.  Clover however, was alllll mine to decorate! 😉

I had originally planned to come up with something for her made completely out of red, white & blue granny squares.  The squares morphed into triangles however and once I’d made two of them, I couldn’t resist how cute they’d be as little chi-chi covers.  The result is this patriotic, halter dress.  Tee hee!  I may make her another one in a less Americana colorway too and if you’re interested, I’ll (eventually) write-up the pattern and make it available to you. 
Which brings me to my questions:  Are any of you interested in me putting together a project that’s all baby pattern related?  If so, would you want a book, an e-book (something you could just download), more individual projects, or some other format?  Lastly, would you want it to be all knitting & crochet or would you prefer there be some sewing, embellishing and/or paper crafts involved?   Or, are you so darn sick of all the baby stuff out there, that you’d gag if you saw another one?  I’m just doing a little informal poll so if you wouldn’t mind posting your thoughts here, I’d really appreciate it!
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