La Femmes Fantastico

Well, it is a proven fact that indeed, the Violent Femmes are babysitter worthy. I ended up going to see their reunion show at Stubbs and my God, they rocked! I’m so glad I went! Special thanks to Paullee who hung out with the kiddos and told countless stories of hotwheel cars and their escapades. 🙂

Nothing all that exciting going on here. I just got back from a super quick trip to L.A. to meet with a prospective agent. If all goes well, I will no longer be wrangling my own career.

Today I finished up a felted TV remote caddy and pair of slippers for the fall issue of Knit.1. I can’t decide how I feel about how they turned out but I find that that’s how I usually am about all of my own projects, so I guess I’ll just let it go.

DIY sent me their revised programming schedule that shows that they’re airing Knitty Gritty 21 times (twice a day on week days and once on Sundays) a week. Of course, most of them are re-runs (new eps begin in July) but maybe one day I’ll be able to convince them that new episodes everyday would R-O-C-K. We’ll see.

Speaking of DIY, don’t forget to to tune into tomorrow’s episode of Stylelicious! I’ll be co-hosting this one with the fabulous and talented Susanne Koehane and Tina Sparkles. The topic is “High School Revisited”–projects are: cheerleading-type skirt, ghetto prom dress top and spray painted shoes and a cootie-catcher corsage. My project is the latter but before you start posting about its randomness on the DIY boards keep in mind two things: 1.) my original tuxedo pants project with school portrait headshots down the seams where ribbon would normally be, was cut at the last minute because we couldn’t get photo clearance from the photographer for pictures of my friends taken in 1992 and 2.) I was feeling really nostalgic and wanted to make something that would make for a great conversation piece at a reunion. Okgoodthanksbye.

So, as we’re less than a month away from the release of Not Another Teen Knitting Book, I’m starting to look for e-places to do another blog tour. If any of you (especially if you’re a teenager) have favorite blogs that you think I should approach about the possibility of being a part of said tour, I’d really appreciate it if you’d point ’em out to me. Thanks!!

That’s it for me tonight. Have a good one!