Can I Take Knitting Needles on an Airplane?

Can I bring knitting needles on an airplane? Travel tips for knitters and crocheters

Can I Take Knitting Needles on an Airplane?

(And other, traveling-while-knitting scoop.)

When I’m on the road to shoot a video segment, tour for a book, or teach at a convention one of the things I’m most frequently asked is if I was able to take my knitting or crochet tools on the plane with me. On this week’s episode of Ask Me Monday, I talk travel tips for us stitchers!


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Knitting Needles on Airplane | Knitter's Pride Ginger Deluxe Interchangeable Set.

Pro Tip: Travel with an interchangeable set. That way if your find that your gauge is off while traveling, or if you gt inspired by a new project, you won’t have to go out and purchase more needles. You’ll be prepared for anything the knittign gods through at you! My favorite needles to take on-the-go is the Knitter’s Pride Ginger Deluxe Interchangable set.



Q: Can I take crochet hooks on an airplane?

YES! No matter if you choose to work with a wooden hook such as Knitter’s Pride Gingers, a metal hook with a rubberized handle like Knitter’s Pride Waves, or the straight-up aluminum Knitter’s Pride Zing! hooks, crocheters, you are free to board!

Can I take a crochet hook on an airplane | Knitter's Pride Waves

Q: Can I take knitting needles on an airplane?

A: The short answer is yes. I actually got on a plane with size 25mm (you know, the ones like Knitter’s Pride Jumbo Birch, which resemble vampire stakes) needles shortly after 9/11 without incident. Since I’ve traveled countless times around the U.S., Canada, and England with every make and model (straights, circs, dpns, metal, bamboo, etc.) of needle imaginable. Knitters, we are (*mostly) good to go! 

* Please note that there are some needle restrictions on certain international flights. If you’re traveling abroad, I suggest calling the respective airline ahead of time.

Can I take knitting needles on an airplane | Knitter's Pride Ginger Circular Needles

Q: Can I take scissors on an airplane?

A: This is the one I personally have found the most surprising. The answer is, scissors, they make the cut! And I’m not just talking about those itty-bitty embroidery scissors we stitchers usually keep on hand. Nope, regular ol’ scissors, within reason, are a go. On a recent domestic trip to a convention, I accidentally brought a pair of full-on fabric scissors in my carry-on bag. I thought for sure, I was going to have to say goodbye to that $50 tool.  However, although I was pulled aside and my bag searched, the TSA officer allowed me to keep my pair since the blades met the requirement of being under 4″ from the pivot point. Who knew? 

If traveling with scissors makes you nervous, though, a great alternative for minor on-board snipping is the Knitter’s Pride Yarn Cutter. You can wear it on a chain as a necklace, or throw it in a notions bag without the worry of being stopped. 

Can I take scissors on an airplane? | Knitter's Pride Yarn Cutter

So there you have it, three traveling crafter questions answered! Please note though, that TSA rules do change. I recommend checking out their website for definitive answers to your project bag packing questions.

Safe travels!