Super Size Your Scarf Knitting!

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Knit Super Scarf

Today is the launch of the Craft Yarn Council‘s Super Scarf initiative, and I’m pleased as punch to be joining in on the festivities! Not only does it mean I had an excuse to knit-up one of the biggest (literally) trends for Fall/Winter, but for the first time I got to play with the new Size 17, Takumi Bamboo Circular needles. So. fun. But wait, there’s more! I’ve partnered up with the folks at WEBS to create a signature, Vickie Howell Color Collection in their new, Valley Yarns Super Bulky, and used it for this project — the first in this yarn yet, to be shown publicly! The collection is available for pre-order today!

Thanks to the magic of super bulky yarn and slick, comfortable circular needles, (Even though this project is knit straight, I highly recommend knitting it on Takumi Bamboo Circulars so that the cord can hold the bulk of the knit super scarf. Friends don’t let friends put too much strain on their knitting wrists!) this project offers huge results without a hefty time commitment. This means, pretty much anyone can join in on this fad.

(Psst…even if you don’t think you’ll wear one, a knit super scarf looks pretty amazing hanging on a wall as a work of art & craft!)

So go big. Go bold. Super-size your style by knitting a Super Scarf! Here’s how.

Super Size Scarf

Valley Yarns Super Bulky: Colors by Vickie Howell, in colors: (A) 8 balls Tiki Turquoise, and (B) 1 ball Moontower Mustard.
Size U.S. 17 Clover Takumi (any length) Circular Needle
Clover Amour Crochet Hook (for fringe)
Clover Jumbo Tapestry Needle

Knit Super Sized Scarf Takumi Bamboo Needles

Takumi U.S. 17s in action!

Finished Measurements
10″/25.5 cm wide x 96″/244 cm long

Approx 9 sts x 12 rows = 4″/10 cm in pattern stitch

With A, CO 23 sts.

Rows 1-2: Knit.

Row 3: K1, k to last stitch wrapping yarn twice around needle for each stitch, k1. (You’ll have almost double the loops on the needle at this point.)

Row 4: K1, * slip next 3 stitches knit-wise to right-hand needle dropping extra loops, pass these 3 stitches back to left-hand needle, [k1, p1, k1] through 3 stitches together; rep from * to last stitch, k1.

These 4 rows make the Little Crown Stitch pattern. Click below to watch a recording of this week’s Facebook Live stream, Ask Me Monday, to see how to knit the Little Crown stitch on Takumi Bamboo Size 17s to make a knit Super Scarf

Rep these 4 rows until piece measures 60″/152 cm

Cut A. Join B.


Knit Super Scarf Valley Yarns Super Bulky

Stripe sequence:

With B, work two, 4 row repeats.

Cut B. Rejoin A.

With A, work one, 4 row repeat.

Cut A. Rejoin B.

Repeat last 12 rows, once more.

Cut A. Rejoin B.

With B, work two, 4 row repeats.

Cut B. Rejoin A.

With a, repeat 4 row stitch pattern until piece measures just short of 96″/244 cm long.

Knit last two rows.



Make Braided Fringe: (Make 10)

  • Cut 3, 20′′/51 cm, strands of yarn. Holding strands together, fold in half. Insert crochet hook through RS of scarf edge; lay yarn at the folded point over the hook. Pull yarn through, from back to front, just enough to create loop. Set aside hook and use hands to fold the loop over the edge of the project, pulling the ends of the yarn through the loop. Pull tight-ish.

  • You’ll now have 6 strands hanging (3 stands folded). Separate into 3 groups of 2 strands; braid. Knot off. Trim and fray ends.
  • Repeat process, attaching 5 fringe bunches evenly across each end of scarf.


Knit Super Scarf Braided Fringe