Knit Ribbon Tree Ornament

Ask Me Monday: Knit Ribbon Tree

Knit Ribbon Tree Ornament

For a couple of years now, I’ve had an adorable crochet ribbon ornament pinned to my holiday Pinterest board, as a reminder that I wanted to create a knit version. Inspired by designer Michelle Robinson‘s ornament, my version uses chunky yarn and garter stitch to create the ribbon-candy effect that makes this tree so sweet. This week on Ask Me Monday, I show you how to knit and assemble this project, plus offer tips on making this ornament uniquely your own. Happy holidays!

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Knit Ribbon Tree Ornament by Vickie Howell

Knit Ribbon Tree Ornament: How-to Make


Scraps, Super Bulky Yarn (I used this.)

Size U.S.  11/8 mm needles (I used these.)

Large-eyed Tapestry Needle

Mini pompoms, crochet buttons, and or wooden beads

Scrap of finer-weight yarn or string

Sharp needle



Pro Tip: Play with different weight yarns and sizes of needles to created different sizes of Ribbon Tree Ornaments!



Approx 5 1/2″ tall x 4″/10 cm at widest point.



CO 4 sts.

Row 1: Knit.

Rows 2-136: Rep Row 1.





  • Working from bottom to top, lay your knit strip on a flat surface, zig-zagging up (while getting narrower with each level) until the entire strip is used. Seven folds should do the trick! Sandwich pompoms in a verticle row, in between layers.
  • Using the sharp needle and a double strand of thinner yarn knitted at the bottom, cum up from bottom and string through each pompom and strip layer until you reach the top. Add an additional pompom.
  • Create a loop with the yarn, snd know. Tie off.
  • OPTIONAL: Hot clue bead to bottom of tree.




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