Knit Rainbow Pillow 🌈

Ask Me Monday: Knit Rainbow Pillow
Knit Rainbow Pillow

This week on Ask Me Monday we round out Pride Month with some rainbow love. We’re diving into our yarn stashes, grabbing all of the primary colored yarns we have, and stranding them together to create a knit rainbow pillow that, because of the scraps it’s made of, will be uniquely beautiful.

This project is a super-sized variation of a past Ask Me Monday project, the Scrap Bin Heart Plushie. It’s a great pattern to use in any color variation — rainbow, V-day colors, your love’s favorite shades, whatever. Have fun and share the love!

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How to Knit a Rainbow Heart Pillow

Knit Rainbow Pillow: Pattern & Tutorial by Vickie Howell


Before you get started, dive into your stash! Your goal is to create different super-bulky stripes, created by using single, double, or triple strands of yarns in each of the 6 rainbow colors. This is the perfect project for using up those scraps. Have fun, mixing and matching yarns, creating something as unique as you are!



Super bulky (or strands held together to created that weight) yarns, of any type, in colors: (A) Purple, (B) Blue, (C) Green, (D) Yellow, (E) Orange, and (F) Red

Size US 15 needles

Large-eyed tapestry needle

Stitch marker

Stuffing (Polyfill, scrap yarn, roving, etc.)

Optional: Coordinating fabric scrap





Go here.


With A, CO 40 sts, placing marker at center point (after 20 sts.)

Row 1: With A, k to 2 sts before marker, ssk, sl m, k2tog, k to end. –38 sts

Row 2: Knit.

Rows 3-4: Rep Rows 1-2. –36 sts

Cut A; join B.

Rows 5-8: With B, rep Rows 1-2. –32 sts

Cut B; join C.

Rows 9-12: With C, Rep Rows 1-2. –28 sts

Cut C; join D.

Rows 13-16: With D, Rep Rows 1-2. –24 sts

Cut D; join E.

Rows 13-16: With E, Rep Rows 1-2. –20 sts

Cut E; join F.

Rows 17-18: Rep Rows 1-2. –18 sts

Row 19 : Ssk, BO to 2 sts before marker, ssk, remove marker, k2tog, BO to last 2 sts (there’ll also be 1 st on your RH needle), k2tog, BO rem sts.

NOTE: If you’re working in an Aran weight or lighter, BO leaving a long tail for seaming. For heavier weight yarns, I suggest using a separate, lighter weight yarn for seaming.


With WS facing, place two hearts together; stuff ends so they’re sandwiched inside. Using the Wool Needle and strand of yarn, seam to pieces together while also adding more yarn scraps or stuffing as necessary.

Weave in remaining end.


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What’s in an acronym?

Not sure what all of the the letters mean in LGBTQIA+? I’ve got you.

L = lesbian (cisgender or transgender woman who is attracted to the same sex)

G = gay (generally used to describe a cisgender or transgender man who is attracted to the same sex. Also used as a broad term to describe any human who is attracted to the same sex as they identify as.)

T = transgender (a person who identifies as a different sex than the body they were born into.)

Q = queer (an umbrella term for any sex or gender minority who are not heterosexual and/or cisgender.)

I = intersex (a person born with both the sexual organs that identify a male and female body.)

A = asexual (not feeling sexually attracted to any person on the sexual or gender spectrum.)

+ = As we evolve as a society, we’re learning that binary definitions are a societal construct. We’re learning more every day about the spectrum of sexual identity (who one goes to bed as) and sexuality (who one goes to bed with). The + gives nod to that spectrum.

Listen while you stitch.

Here are just a few of our favorite musicians from the LGBTQIA+ community. Enjoy!