KDTV: What a Heel! Episode 1204


Guest sock designer, Andi Smith being mic’d by our sound guy, Kevin.



Depending on which market you’re in, you may or may not be watching our heels and toe focused episode of Knitting Daily with Vickie Howell.  Whether you’re seeing the series as it airs on your local PBS station, or binge-watching on DVD or online here are the “liner note” links for episode #1204 What a Heel!

Topic: Methods of knitting heels and toes of socks.

Studio Guests: Andi Smith, author of Big Foot Knits & Designer, Kate Atherley

Space to Space Guest: Sockupied editor, Anne Merrow

Tools of the Trade Product By: ChiaGoo, Black Diamond Creations, KnitWhits

Loose Ends Product(s): Patons Kroy Sock

What Vickie’s Wearing: Varese Pullover, by Rene Dicky from Knitscene, Fall ’13

Free Patterns


Here’s a Loose Ends segment to show you how Kitchener Stitch is worked. Bookmark this one for the next time you’re ready to finish the toe of a knitted sock!

Wherever and however you’re watching KDTV, thank you!