Jo-ann HQ Visit Photo Recap

Hey there! As those of you who follow me on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter already know, I spent last week shooting videos for Joann.com on Behalf of Bernat. In case you missed ’em, here are a few shots from the trip. Enjoy! 
 Fun fact: Jo-ann Stores Corporate offices are in a suburb of Cleveland, Ohio.

Behind the scenes on the Jo-Ann, off-site video set.

 My view from the “host” position.

 Bernat Dippity Dots set-up for Supreemie Hat demo video.

Right before the “Action!” started.

Set-up for the Sheep(ish) Stripes hexagon motif demo used in my Hexi Baby Blanket. Pattern in stores and online this Fall!

With awesome Jo-ann Inspiration & Web producers, Karen & Krissy.

Jo-ann HQ.

Google+ Hangout with Angela from the Jo-ann web team’s office. See the video of viewer questions answered on their YouTube channel!

Dinner with my friend, Shannon Okey of Co-operative Press.
Stay tuned for the how-to videos and accompanying patterns on Joann.com soon!