It Takes All Kinds…of Yarn

Adrienne and I want to make sure that there are projects in Stitch Hugger (working title, formerly EcoStitch) that fit all budgets and life circumstances.  Environmental & community consciousness after all, should be accessible to all, right?  
Well, we’re knee-deep in the final knitting/crochet crunch now.  For some reason though (perhaps due to deadline-induced delirium), I find the converse costs of 2 of the balls of yarn (or in one case, “yarn”) we’re using, entertaining.  Humor me, if you will:
T-arn (aka T-shirt Yarn)

Environmental attribute: Recycling of old t-shirts, thereby reducing waste.
Cost per ball: Approx. $10
Experience: A little clunky but overall, quick and easy to work with.  

Qiviuk (aka, “the cashmere of the North”)
Environmental attribute: Production helps to sustain a female-run, Alaskan  co-op.
Cost per ball:  Approx $90
Experience: I haven’t started working with it yet but for that price, am expecting it to put out. 😉
Seriously though, it seems delightful.
That is all.
xo, Vickie