Indian-a Summer

I’m back from Indianapolis. Besides the fact that my shoes betrayed me, the trip was great! No interesting story of torrid indiscretions, I just fell off of my 5″ Steve Madden platforms doing nothing more than walking down the street. My bloody foot and I persevered however, and had a successful book signing at TNNA. After 100 books, we ran out and had to turn people away. I’m choosing to believe that it was because people dig the new book, and not because their copies were free.

These events are weird because you see everyone in the industry all at once. Within a 12 hour period I spoke with my friends Beverly Galeskas (Felted Knits & Fiber Trends), Candi Jensen, Adina Klein (Knit.1), Nicky Epstein, Teva Duram (one of my favorite designers) and Trisha Macolm (Vogue Knitting)as well as Melanie Falick, Annie Modesitt, Stefanie Japel (Glampyre Knits & NATB contributor–whose stuff I love and was really happy to finally meet) and I’m sure I’m forgetting a bunch more. It’s a whirlwind of knittyness! I also got to meet a couple of Catwalk Crochet contributors in person, which was awesome. There were of course, gobs of beautiful yarn everywhere. The only new stuff that I saw however (but to be honest, I only had about 30 minutes to look), was petrochemical-free and made from corn by Southwest Trading Company. It kind of reminded me of a softer version of Berroco suede–really nice. Edith Eig (Mother of Purl) was also there promoting her new light-up knitting needles. This is the 2nd of it’s kind that I’ve seen proto-types of so far, but these seemed to be the lighter weight and more aesthetically pleasing of the two. I’d be interested in trying them out to see if they’re effective.

Tomorrow I’m off to New York for the Renegade Craft Fair. If you’re in the Brooklyn area this Saturday and Sunday, be sure to stop by the Austin Craft Mafia booth (#157)! I’ll be there signing Not Another Teen Knitting Book and selling my wares alongside the gals from Naughty Secretary Club, Hot Pink Pistol, Sublime Stitching, All Dressed Up and Shy and Sparkle Craft. Hope to see you there!

If we can coordinate our schedules, there’s a chance that I might be doing a photo shoot with Isaac Mizrahi for Knit.1 while I’m in NYC. When I told my best friend this morning that I have the kids with me until I leave so I didn’t see any way that I was going to make it into the salon she screeched, “YOU CAN’T DO A PHOTO SHOOT WITH A FABULOUS GAY MAN WITHOUT COLORING YOUR HAIR!” She’s a stylist and gets a wee bit sensitive about these things. When I told her that my hair doesn’t look that bad right now, I could almost hear her eye twitching over the phone. I told her that at the very least I’d throw something on it from the beauty supply store myself. She was not amused. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Don’t forget to set your Tivos tomorrow to learn how to convert old wardrobe items into something new and fabu on the new episode of Stylelicious hosted by Tina Sparkles, Jesse Kelly-Landes and Karly Hand!

Alright, laundry and packing awaits.