Inauguration Crafts

Happy inauguration day, everyone!  I spent my morning commemorating the event by watching CNN coverage and trolling the internet for related crafts.  Here are just a handful of what I found.  Enjoy!

Patriotic Fused Glass Pendant by Glass Elements

From Quilts for Obama Opening (Photo by Sankofa Beads on Flickr)

Embroidered Lincoln & Obama Hand Towels by DownZipper.com

“Hope” Collage print by JeanCody on Etsy

Patriotic Sweater Blanket from me for myLifetime.com

Obama Crochet Tapestry by Teresa

Obama Amigurumi Doll from Etsy 

Obama Craft Project’s Free Obama Logo Download

On a personal note: As I sit here on this historical day, 5 months pregnant with our daughter, it’s hard not to think about the event that occurred the last time I was 5 months pregnant–that time, with my youngest son Tristan.  It was another day that would forever go down in history. It was September 11, 2001.
I remember feeling terrified at the thought of the world I was bringing another child into, determined to protect my babies from the disgust and despair.  Now, almost 7 1/2 years later, I find myself in a similar state of contemplation only this time, with hope and happiness at my side.  Although arguably our earth is in an even greater state of disarray than it was nearly a decade ago, one cannot ignore that January 20, 2009 symbolizes a huge move away from the underlying hate that’s poisoned our grand society for so long.  Yes, we have a long way to go… but as a parent I’ve learned that baby steps are often the most momentous.