If the Shoe Fits

The other day I took my boys to buy us all new “skater shoes”. I grabbed myself a pair of men’s (the women’s shoes were laaaaaame!), black Circa’s with a skull and crossbones (that look vaguely like knitting needles)on each heel. The boys opted for one of the only lines that came in their wee sizes, Rowley Vans in red, white & black. My youngest was so enamored with his new kicks, that he insisted on wearing them along with his jammies. He fell asleep on the floor in them–a sight that was so sweet that it melted my heart into mush.

Bored? Listless? In need of a quick read or two? Well then, point your peeps to these:

VENUS MAGAZINE featured Stylelicious in an article about DIY Network’s new, hip line of programming.

CUTTING EDGE MAGAZINE (put out by the same people who do Knit.1 & Vogue Knitting) gave Austin Craft Mafia a page blurb in their current issue.

My friend Kathy Murillo (aka Crafty Chica)wrote a story for the ARIZONA REPUBLIC about the growing trend of hip crafters. She was nice enough to include me in the article.

While you’re reading, I’m going to go pare down the interview I did with Lisa L. for the next Knit.1. Apparently, this week is all Loeb, all the time! 😉

mwah!, Vickie