I Love to Create: Year of the Tiger Hat

Year of the Tiger Hat
Is kiddo the apple of your eye, or the eye of the tiger? Well, she can be both, with this furry fez! Here’s how you can sew and paint your way to a cozy Chinese New Year for your purrfect, little kitty.
Year of the Tiger Hat Supplies


1/4 yd. Tiger Print, Polar Fleece
Sewing Machine
Coordinating Thread
Fine Tip, Paint Brush
Embroidery Needle & Black Floss
How-To Make Hat
  • Cut 9″ x 18 1/2″ (or whatever your child’s head measurement is, plus 1/2″) piece of polar fleece.
  • With right sides together, fold fleece in half width-wise. Using 1/4″ allowance, sew up back seam.
  • Position seam so it’s on the back side. Using 1/4″ allowance, sew top seam.
  • Fold bottom edge up, 2″ to create brim. Using 1/4″ allowance (from raw edge), sew around.
  • Turn hat right side out. Pinch one, top corner; wrap embroidery thread around tightly several times; tie off. This will create an ear. Repeat on opposite side.
How To Create Tiger “Eyes”
  • Place a piece of paper or cardboard inside hat, so paint won’t seep through.
  • Using just one flame from the Flames stencil, Paint Cannon and white Cannon Paint, spray on base layer of the eye. Reverse stencil for 2nd eye. Let dry. Keep in mind that the Paint Cannon gives a spray paint effect, so there will be a bit of splatter. Don’t worry; go wild.
  • Use a fine tip paint brush and green Slick Fabric Paint to paint the 2nd layer (iris) of the eye. Let dry.
  • Using black thread and needle, embroider black pupils. Growl.
Have a grrrrreat 2010!