I Love to Create: Owls, the Crafter’s Mascot

Today’s I Love to Create post is an ode to the official (well, in my book, anyway) mascot of the crafter: the owl.  I’m pretty much obsessed with them and like everything else, the kitschier the better!  While thrifting for wall art the other day, Dave and I came across this little plastic, 1970’s number.   We thought he might be the perfect candidate to wisely look over our baby-to-be’s room.  I tend to not like wildlife decor if it looks at all realistic though, opting instead for whimsical, graphic or cartoon versions.  This owl teeters (or make that, tweeters) on the border between the two looks, so we snagged it with the plan to get creative.    I gave him a simple, crafty makeover taking this plastic pal from out-of-date to adorable!  Here’s how:

Step 1: Pick Your Plastic
Scour flea markets and thrift stores for molded plastic animals.  They’re fairly easy to find (in addition to this owl, we came across a lion, puppy and siamese cat all in the same store!), and cost under $20.
Step 2:  Prime Time
Cover the entire piece with your primer of choice.  This step’s important!  Without it, the paint will peel right off.
Step 3: Color Me Happy
Use Tulip’s Soft Fabric Paint (I went with  the color “Azalea”, to match the chandelier I painted a few weeks ago) and a sponge brush to give the owl a little color.  You’ll need a couple of coats for complete coverage.  Let dry.

Step 3: Sticky Situation

Take a small paint brush and add some Glitter Bond to the areas of the piece that you’d like to add a little razzle-dazzle to.  In this case, I outlined the feathers on the owl’s chest and wings.
Step 4: Glitterati
Sprinkle Crafty Chica’s Chunky Glitter (I chose the color, “Frida’s Fuchsia”) over the Glitter Bond.  Let dry.  Shake excess glitter off, using a dry paint brush if necessary.
That’s all there is to it–now you’ve got yourself one, beautiful bird!
If painting’s not your gig (or if like me, you need even more of an owl fix), check out these other crafty treasures that fit the bird bill (or beak, as it were):

Oh but wait, there’s more!

Hey, “Whoooo’s Crafty?”  You know you are!
xo, Vickie
P.S.  Give a hoot, don’t pollute!