I Love to Create: Knitted Revamped Earrings

With just a few knit stitches and some added sparkle, an otherwise undesirable pair of earrings are easily made Mod.   Dig into that jewelry box for a tired, ol’ pair of tarnished hoops and some scrap yarn, and turn them into revamped ear baubles.  No waste + New Wearables= Good Stuff.  Here’s how!

Old Pair of Hoop Earrings
Scraps of Sock Yarn or Sport-Weight 
Two, Size US  2(2.75mm) or 3(3.25mm) Double-Pointed Knitting Needles
Tapestry Needle
Fabric Fusion (optional)

Knitting Directions (Make 2)
Cast-on 3 stitches onto left-hand needle.  Lay needle with stitches on top of earring, at one end of hoop.

Take the working yarn (the one connected to the ball) and bring it UNDER the hoop; knit stitches.  The yarn will now be connected to the earring and the stitches will be on the right-hand needle.

Slide stitches to opposite end of needle and switch hands so the needle with the stitches and earring are in your left hand again.  Bring working yarn back around behind the stitches and under the earring and knit the stitches again (this technique is known as knitting i-cord).  Continue in this manner until earring is covered.
Bind off.  Weave in ends.  If necessary, add a dab of Liquid Fusion to the back, to keep woven-in ends in place.

Bejeweling How-to
Place a glass crystal onto desired place on the earring.  Place pressure on crystal with the hot, heat setting tool for 15-20 seconds (or until secure).  Repeat around; evenly spacing crystals.

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