I Love to Create Kids: Recycled Lid Magnet Frames!

Kids love the magic of one item becoming a completely different item; a fact that lends itself perfectly to raising eco-conscious children.  Turn recycle time into craft time, by creating colorful photo magnets out of common drink lids.  With this project, you’ll preserve family memories and a little space in our landfills.  That’s what I call, a win-win for us crafty parents. Enjoy!


Assorted drink container lids
Assorted pictures or decorative papers
Craft Paint
Craft Magnets 
Sponge Brushes
  • Thoroughly rinse and dry lids.
  • Paint lids desired colors.  I went with colors to match our kitchen because, you know, just because we’re recycling doesn’t mean we can’t maintain style. 😉  Since craft paint isn’t technically made specifically for plastic or metal, you’ll need several coats to do the job. If you anticipate your magnets getting knocked around a lot, I’d recommend covering the lids in a spray primer first to prevent paint from peeling.  Let dry.
  •  Trace around lids onto photos to get a general cut size.  Cut, and then trim down as necessary.  Spread a thin layer of Tacky Glue on backside of photo; insert into inside of lid.  The lid “walls” will act as the frame.
  • Flip lid over; use Liquid Fusion to glue magnet onto the lid top.

Happy crafting!,
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