I Love to Create Kids: Recycled Craft Challenge!

Hey, Parents!  This week, I Love to Create is about getting your kids’ creative juices flowing. Kids love a challenge, so why not give them a crafty one?  With just a few supplies combined with some kitchen discards,  you’ve got an activity that’ll keep ’em guessing…and recycling!

Step 1:  Raid Your Recycle Bin
Gather up, several different boxes, bottles, bags and tubes for kids to choose from.  The more shape choices available for your Crafty Challenge, the better.

Step 2: Set-up Supplies
Create a “craft zone” table space for the kids to work at.  Include the recycled items as well as a multitude of arts & craft supplies.  Anything you have laying around the house will work, but here’s what we used:
Pipe Cleaners
Beads & Sequin
Craft Sticks
Sponge & Paint Brushes
Felt Scraps

Step 3: Explain the Rules

Ok kiddos, here’s your challenge, should you choose to accept it.  Come up with and create a project of your choice using only, the supplies that are on the table.  You do not have to use every supply, but you do have to use at least 1 item from the recyclables, and either a paint or glue.  Everything else is up to you.  You’ve got 1 hour.  Go!

Results:  Here’s the outcome from my own boys’ Craft Challenge!  
Tanner, my 9 1/2 year old, thought hard about the elements of his project and then got right to work.  He decided to create a collage, using the paper mat I’d laid out to prevent mess.  He chose to use paint, glue, crayons, the cap from a limeade bottle, bottle caps, a piece of twine, felt scraps, pipe cleaners and the craft sticks to create his eco-master piece.
Tanner’s Earth Guy Landscape

Tristan, my 7 1/2  year old, sketched-out his idea first.  He then got to work making a “punching box”.  For his design he used a mailing box, twine, 3D Paint and Fashion Paint.  He’s a minimalist in that way. 😉  He painted a “Mr. Bill” inspired face on the front, with the word “Ow” for effect.

Tristan’s Punching Box

We’d love to see what your kids come up with, so please post links to pictures here. Good luck!
xo, Vickie
P.S. Hey, parents! Share your child’s crafty profile on the “Kid Crafters” section of my Craft Corps website. All you have to do is fill out this, quickie form. Creative parent profiles, welcome too!