I Love to Create: Handprint Halloween Bib

With my Halloween Doodle Embroidery Patterns on CRAFT and Snapsuit Costumes on PBS Parents, this past week has clearly been all about creating things for baby in celebration of Halloween.  I thought today though, I’d cap-off the tike-trifecta with a project you can do with baby!  Turn those pint-sized paws into haunted handprints on a keepsake bib that’s totally “boo” worthy!
Plain Bib (Tip: 5 pack at Ikea for under $5!)
Tulip Soft Fabric Paint (It’s non-toxic, so no worries!)
Stiple Paint Brush
Masking Tape
RicRac or Ribbon
Printable Fabric (optional)
Sewing Machine OR Fabric Fusion

  • Tape bib to cardboard piece, to keep it taught. 
  • Strip baby down or cover him or her in a paint smock.  Pour small amount of paint onto a piece of paper (freezer or wax paper works great); and place baby’s hand in it. You’ll have to move fast at this point and just come to peace with the fact that the prints wont be perfect.  Spread baby’s fingers as much as possible and press down on bib to create first ghoulie.  If baby’s delighted at the gooshiness of the paint, repeat for 2nd and 3rd ghoulies.   If baby screams in disgust at the texture, threatening to fling paint all over your face; abandon ship.  Wash baby’s hand’s right away with warm water and soap.
  • Use fabric marker to draw ghoulie eyes and mouths.
  • Print out “Drooly Ghoulie” & “2009” labels on printable fabric (or just use the fabric marker to write it directly on the bib).  
  • Sew or glue labels and ricrac or ribbon onto bib.
Creepy Crafting!,